Mongoose Elroy Gravel Adventure Bike Review

Written by:

Liam E.

Last updated:

August 14, 2020

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Mongoose Elroy

The Mongoose Elroy Gravel Adventure bike lives up to its name. If adventure is what you’re looking for, this bike is equipped to handle it. With a sleek and light frame, you can take this versatile bike on any trail.

The sleek alloy frame is durable and gives this bike a smooth ride.

Lots of storage for long rides, it comes with an engraved stash pack and five water bottle slots on the fork and the frame.


Medium Paced

Mongoose got its start making BMX bikes with a focus on fun. This bike isn’t as speedy as some of their other models. It comes with seven speeds, but if you are into building, this will be a fun project. You can update the bike to ten speeds if it’s too slow for you.

The Elroy Gravel Adventure Bike has more than one fun feature starting with its bag. The embroidered bag is good looking and useful. 

The stash pack is not the only storage. It also has a fork with inner cable routing with cage mounts and room for three water bottles. If that’s not enough water, there are two more spaces for water bottles on the steel fork. 

Need any more proof that this bike is made for fun, it has a bottle opener on the front for convenience, and it’s proud of it. This bike is ready to ride smoothly off-road and apparently to places that might require you to open a few bottles.

Who is this bike for?

The Mongoose Elroy Gravel Adventure Bike is for anyone who likes to ride their bike to work and on off-road adventures. With the amount of storage, the bike allows you to carry both a load on a backpacking adventure or supplies to work. 

The adventure bike is also for you if you want to stay clean on your way to work or play. The fenders are built to keep you clean from the dirt that gets kicked up on a ride.

It’s light and sturdy, making it a breeze to use whether you are going up and down hills or are in the bike lane going to work. 

All of these features have one thing in common, and that is versatility. The Elroy adventure bike will match up with your lifestyle and change up its use with the terrain you ride it on. 

It’s excellent for an entry-level gravel bike for those looking for something to get them started on long runs. You won’t have to adjust much for comfort; it’s for the type of rider who will enjoy a long slow ride.

Mongoose Elroy


The 700c wheel with 40c tires is what gives you the comfortable gravel riding. The bike is not as fast as it looks, but the ride is smooth, which works for long adventures.

If you come across something surprising on your path, you’ll be able to stop quickly and smoothly. The Mongoose has a combination brake lever and micro shift shifters along with mechanical disc brakes. 

Stopping suddenly won’t kick up too much dirt either. The design also has fender mounts that keep dirt away while you are riding. 

The most useful part of the bike is the large frame, but it may feel too big for some. The height unintentionally adds to the feel of the bike being slow, especially since the frame is heavy, sturdy steel. However, the sturdy steel will be sure to last a long time. 

If you’re looking for a comfortable bike with everything you need, the Mongoose Elroy Gravel Adventure bike is the one.


Though this bike isn’t the fastest adventure bike on the road, you’ll appreciate the nice slow ride. You may be happier with better tires to carry the tall frame, but it can be replaced relatively easily since it’s inexpensive. 

All the interlocking gives you the storage you need, including a stylish bag. You’ll never run out of water if you decide to take this bike off-road on the weekend. And during the week, you’ll have a smooth ride to and from work with everything you need onboard. 

You might find the bike a bit tall, but it won’t be a deal-breaker because the smooth ride will allow you to ride comfortably despite the height. 

Buy this bike if you are looking for affordable versatility that will last.





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Mongoose Elroy

The Mongoose Elroy Gravel Adventure bike lives up to its name. If adventure is what you’re looking for, this bike is equipped to handle it. With a sleek and light frame, you can take this versatile bike on any trail.