Mongoose Fireball Mountain Bike Review

Written by:

Liam E.

Last updated:

December 26, 2021

Mongoose Fireball

The Mongoose Fireball Mountain Bike is made to get dirty. It’s lightweight, speedy, and can take a hit. If you want the type of bike that can give you performance like the pros use, then look no further than this bike.

The Tectonic T1 aluminum frame is built for light jumps.

It has a tapered head tube for some steering stiffness that won’t weigh the bike down.

The 100mm suspension fork can handle hard landings.

This bike is one size, so you will need to look into a different version to find a more comfortable fit if this one doesn’t work for you.


Mongoose knows BMX bikes, and this one is no exception. The Mongoose Fireball Mountain Bike is made for serious dirt bike riders. 

With different styles, you have options for speed and comfort. The lightweight original is durable with a 1x9 drivetrain that gives you the power for dirt jumps and street riding. 

Professionals on slope tracks test the Fireball. The fact that pros use the bike can be intimidating for casual riders, but it provides an ease for racing that can’t be found anywhere else. It has the geometry to go up against almost any other mountain bike and come out ahead. 

The fact that it’s so easy to use will want you to ride it immediately after assembly, whether you are a competitive dirt rider or not. The variety of styles gives you options so that anyone can get started with this bike right away.

The geometry for this bike is made for jumps. It has a 9mm by 135mm drop out with a replaceable hanger. The fork is an aluminum steerer making the entire bike aluminum straight through to the brakes. 

Mongoose has famous mechanical disc brakes included in the Fireball. They are reliable and give you the power to perform bar-spins without fear.

Who is this bike perfect for?

This Mongoose Fireball Mountain Bike was created for serious riders that want to have fun and compete. If you are into trails, slopes, and dirt jumps this is the bike you need. Pro rider Greg Watts uses this bike to compete, so look no further for proof that it does the job. 

It’s an investment in a riding tool that will guarantee you results on the course. 

The height and geometry of the bike are for a taller rider. The wheels are 26in, and the Fireball fits riders between 5’4 and 6’2, so you’ll have to look for other models if you don’t fall into this category. 

This bike is made for the anxious, adrenaline chaser that wants to ride right out of the box. If you are eager to get started, know that it comes partially assembled in the box.

You’ll have to attach the handlebars, front wheel, seat, and pedals, as usual, so that you can make the initial tailored adjustments.

Mongoose Fireball


When it comes to performance, you can see how the aluminum frame offers an option for lightweight durability. It makes sense that the only steel on this bike is the spokes. It gives you the height you need while allowing sturdy and stiff maneuverability.

The travel suspension fork is what will keep your landings soft. If you are getting a lot of air and doing barspins, you will be grateful for the absorption. The seat is a simple design that provides enough comfort between jumps.

Because the Fireball’ aluminum is so lightweight, it’s nice to have double-wall 36H rims to provide more rigidity and durability for the 26-inch tires.

It’s crucial to talk breaks because when you’re moving that fast, you will need to stop on a dime. The mechanical disc brakes are made to apply a serious braking force, but if you prefer a hydraulic braking system, you have an option in the Fireball SS version.


If you are ready to go as soon as you’ve got the bike together, the Mongoose Fireball Mountain Bike will be there for you. 

It’s competitive to other dirt bikes in terms of speed and geometry. With your choice of frame and braking system, you can customize this bike just enough to get the kind of ride you need to compete.

It’s been tested on slopes in races and can make the jumps you need for fun or to win. Consider using this bike to get dirty the next time you ride.



Tectonic T1, aluminum, Dirt Jump geometry, horizontal dropout, tapered headtube



HL VAXA 30, 26", steel steerer, 3/8" x 100 mm, nutted, 100 mm travel

Rear Shock:

Front Travel:

Rear Travel:


Samox, ISIS Interface, 32T steel chainring

Bottom Bracket:

Cartridge, cartridge, ISIS axle, 68mm


Rear Derailleur:

Number of Gears:

Single-speed, 14T cog


Mongoose, mechanical, aluminum

Wheel Size:

Aluminum single wall, 29mm ID, 32H


26 in x 2.25 in, wire bead


Mongoose, aluminum, 750 mm width, 30 mm rise, 31.8 mm clamp


Mongoose, threadless, 45 mm

Seat Post:

Aluminum, 200 mm, 27.2 mm


Mongoose, steel rails


Threadless, ZS44/ZS56, retainer bearing



Mongoose Fireball

The Mongoose Fireball Mountain Bike is made to get dirty. It’s lightweight, speedy, and can take a hit. If you want the type of bike that can give you performance like the pros use, then look no further than this bike.