Mongoose Legion Freestyle BMX Review

Written by:

Liam E.

Last updated:

August 13, 2020

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Mongoose Legion Freestyle

The Mongoose Legion Freestyle is one of the most popular bikes on the market, and for good reasons. From beginners to BMX experts, the Legion series offers a wide range of features to enhance your performance.

L80 and above features a chromoly frame that is lightweight, durable, and ideal for performing tricks.

All bikes in the series are age-inclusive, starting with sizes for children up to a height of 5'8" and above

Good quality for the price range

Not a lot of variety in color options

For this Mongoose Legion Freestyle BMX review, we will be focusing primarily on the L60 because it falls directly in the middle of the series.

The L60's frame is made of high tensile steel. Due to the nature of BMX riding, high tensile steel can face problems. It's heavier than the more expensive option of chromoly (available in L80 and above), but not as durable. The weight of the steel can make learning tricks harder for beginners, and the joints in the frame may be susceptible to cracking and breaking after heavy or repetitive falls.

The L60's drivetrain has a 175mm 3-piece tubular chromoly hollow spindle cranks with a 25T steel chainring and mid sealed bearing bottom bracket. Bearing brackets for BMX riding need to be reliable and sturdy as the sport deals with hard landings and lots of weight. 

The Legion series has sealed bearings, protecting it from dirt and outside particles from getting in after each ride. This means that there is a significantly reduced chance of grinding or wear and tear and will ride smoother over an extended period.

The L60 comes with front and back brakes, which most riders will be familiar with before exploring higher-end BMX bikes, which use only back brakes. This allows for better acceleration and stopping control while riding. The L60 also features a removable brake mount if you would like to go brakeless.

Suppose you're interested in performing 'fakie tricks.' In that case, the Mongoose Legion L500 is the only bike in the lineup that offers Freecoaster Hub Technology, which allows you to roll back without pedaling backward.

Although, some of the peripheral features of the Mongoose Legions are not as sturdy, like the pedals made out of nylon or steel spokes, which could bend easily when under immense pressure.

Who is this bike for?

Bikes from the Mongoose Legion Freestyle BMX lineup are ideal for someone looking for:

  • A beginner BMX bike for kids. The L10 and L20 are a popular choice for parents who want to feel reassured their children are safe while learning on a BMX-style bike.
  • An affordable BMX bike. For adults, the Legion series falls into a reasonable price range for the features offered and can be an excellent choice for beginners, or even professionals looking to add a new bike to their collection.
Mongoose Legion Freestyle


The L60 and below have a high tensile steel frame, which is heavier and more fragile than the chromoly frame found on the L80 and above. How you treat your bike, in the long run, will determine its lifespan.

As a street bike for casual use, any model from the Mongoose Legion Freestyle series will take you a long way. The components are sturdy and reliable when not under any extreme stress, and the seats are comfortable for cruising.


Overall, the entirety of the Mongoose Legion Freestyle series is extremely competitive for the price range it falls in. While intended for BMX riding, the Legions can also be used as a casual street bike. Depending on the rider's size and intended use, you can examine each model's individual features and determine which is best for your needs.



Hi-Ten steel, BMX freestyle geometry, mid BB shell



Hi-Ten steel

Rear Shock:

Front Travel:

Rear Travel:


3-piece, tubular chromoly, 25T steel chainring

Bottom Bracket:

Mid sealed bearing, 8-spline spindle


Rear Derailleur:

Number of Gears:

Single-speed, 9T cassette driver


U-brake, aluminum

Wheel Size:

14G, steel, black


20 in x 2.3 in, wire bead


Mongoose, Hi-Ten steel, 28 in width, 8 in rise


Mongoose, threadless top load, 50 mm

Seat Post:

Steel, 250 mm, 25.4 mm


Mongoose Unifier, 1 piece rails


Threadless, integrated 1-1/8", retainer bearing



Mongoose Legion Freestyle

The Mongoose Legion Freestyle is one of the most popular bikes on the market, and for good reasons. From beginners to BMX experts, the Legion series offers a wide range of features to enhance your performance.