Redline MX 24 Race Bike Review

Written by:

Liam E.

Last updated:

December 18, 2021

Redline MX 24

The Redline MX 24 Race Bike is the ideal choice for beginner BMXers or those getting back into the sport. This bike comes with everything you need to get you started on the track.

Affordable. This budget-friendly bike gives you high quality at a low price

Lightweight. The aluminum frame keeps the bike low in weight for speed and agility.

Tires. Vee Speedster tires will provide excellent traction on a variety of terrains.

A lightweight seat means an uncomfortable ride. This bike is best for short trips unless you’re willing to buy a replacement.


The Redline MX 24 Race Bike is created by Redline bikes. Redline has a long history of providing quality builds and race-ready BMX bikes. Each bike is carefully designed with long-lasting materials and durability. 

As a beginner bike, the Redline MX 24 comes ready to go. There’s no need to buy extra parts or add-ons, which is ideal for riders getting comfortable in their new hobby. 

With a 6061 Alloy frame and integrated head tube, this bike can’t be beaten for speed. This lightweight material is durable enough to lean into and speed through quick maneuvers. Although aluminum may not hold up as long as steel, the agility and low weight will beat any steel frame in a race. 

Redline included a 3-piece crankset to keep this bike riding with high efficiency. A steel-inforced fork allows the MX 24 to handle rough landings and daily abuse. 

A shiny black design with bright yellow accents gives a stealthy look your competitors will admire. The aluminum won’t rust, keeping your bike looking great for longer. 

Vee speedster 24-inch tires are designed for both pavement and hard-packed terrain giving this bike more versatility. These tires have excellent control, and diamond-cut traction side knobs can handle tight corners and speedy navigation. A center-strip design increases speed while keeping your ride smooth.

Tektro is well-known for its reliable bike parts, and these Tektro BX310 Linear give you no-nonsense stopping power. These V-brakes with a linear-pull lever ensure a highly-responsive ride both on and off the track. 

RL Hex grips and RL race aluminum pedals complete the package by providing you with ultimate control and precision. You’ll feel like a pro with these quality parts.

Who is this bike perfect for?

  • This Redline MX 24 Race Bike is meant for people who are new to BMX or people returning to the sport. You don’t want to spend a ton of money when you’re starting a new hobby, and this bike is set at a very affordable price. Because it comes ready to ride, you won’t need to spend extra money completing or adding to your build. 
  • You don’t have to stick to the track. Versatility makes this bike a great choice for daily commutes to work or trips to the store. Its ability to ride on both pavement and hard-packed terrain give you more flexibility during commutes. 
  • 24-inch tires provide comfort for taller riders who need a bigger frame to feel well-supported. 
Redline MX 24


Redline has created an aluminum frame that can last. The additions of a 3-piece crankset and steel-inforced fork increase the strength and durability, making it closer in comparison to steel.

The seat was made with speed in mind, not comfort. If you intend to use this bike for strictly racing or short rides, you won’t be bothered by the hard plastic seat. Otherwise, many have been satisfied with a seat cover or a replacement to better fit their needs. 

The Vee Speedster tires are not only built for speed but are able to handle swift turns and heavy maneuvers. You’ll be flying by your competitors knowing that your tires can handle the action. These same characteristics provide a smooth ride on the streets. 

The KMC Z410 chains are known to break or jam easily. Investing in chain tensioners can strengthen your chains and keep you from constantly buying new ones.


The Redline MX 24 Race Bike comes ready to ride with genuine braking power, a lightweight frame for speed, strong tires for versatility, and a polished look. These features, plus its highly affordable price, make this bike hard to beat. 

Think about all the competition you can smoke with this bike on your first race. When you’re ready to test the waters in the BMX world, this is the bike for you.



6061 Alloy w/Integrated Headtube



RL Race Hi-Ten w/ Tapered legs

Rear Shock:

Front Travel:

Rear Travel:


Race Chromo 175mm 3pc Cranks

Bottom Bracket:



Rear Derailleur:

Number of Gears:



Tektro BX310 Linear

Wheel Size:

Alloy Race 24 x 1.75, 36h


Vee Speedster 24 X 1.75"


RL Race, 5.5" Rise / 12° Back / 1° Up


RL Hollow Point Aluminum 1 1/8" threadless

Seat Post:


Pivotal Race


Integrated 1 1/8"


KMC Z410

Redline MX 24

The Redline MX 24 Race Bike is the ideal choice for beginner BMXers or those getting back into the sport. This bike comes with everything you need to get you started on the track.