Redline Proline BMX Race Bike Review

Written by:

Liam E.

Last updated:

January 20, 2022

Redline Proline BMX Review

The Redline Proline BMX Race Bike is the perfect bike to take you to the next level. The mid-level price and race-ready features make this a high-performance bike that will keep you ahead of your competitors.

Speed. The aluminum frame keeps this bike lightweight for optimal speed.

Tires. The Vee Speed Booster tires keep traction through every twist and turn.

Race-ready. The Redline Proline BMX Race Bike's high-quality race parts make this bike race-ready right from purchase.

The seat is made from lightweight plastic. This makes it ideal for speed, but can be pretty uncomfortable for longer rides.


The Redline Proline BMX Race Bike is made by Redline, whose quality products have made a big name in the BMX world. With tons of different models, you can be sure Redline has spent years perfecting their BMX bikes with top of the line parts and materials. 

This bike comes ready to race straight from the package with high-performance parts. The 6601 alloyed frame gives this lightweight bike extra speed and maneuverability. This frame has a 100% Chromoly steel-butted race fork that keeps extra weight off and provides exceptional durability.

To keep this aluminum frame resistant from wearing over time, Redline added sealed hubs, 2-piece alloy forged cranks, and an integrated head tube. These add-ons make the aluminum frame comparable to steel when it comes to strength. 

You can trust this bike to keep you on the ground. Vee Speed Booster tires are great for keeping traction during a high-speed race. The proline comes in different sizes, from mini to XL to meet your comfort needs. 

Tektro is well-known for its premium brake-sets. The Tektro 930AL linear breaks will give you reliable stopping power and control. This gives you the comfort of knowing you will be safe with responsive breaks on and off the track.

Earlier models had issues with unreliable chains that were easily broken. The Redline Proline BMX Race Bike comes with chain tensioners to keep your chains tight during quick maneuvers. 

RL Pro Hex grips are comfortable and provide an excellent grip to give you full command of your bike. The sleek, black frame with light blue features makes a gorgeous design that will turn heads on the track.

Who is this bike perfect for?

  • This is the ideal bike if you're ready to take your beginner BMX skills to the next level. You won't have to spend time and money adding new parts since this bike comes expertly built for competitive racers. This bike can handle high speed while keeping optimum control and traction while racing through each course. These same qualities keep you safe on the road during your commute to work or while running errands.  
  • The mid-level price gets you an exceptional race bike without breaking the bank. You can trust Redline's quality and attention to detail and know that you are getting one of the best BMX bikes out there. You don't have to spend an outrageous amount of money to stay above your competition. This bike gives you everything you need to keep you ahead.
Redline Proline BMX Review


Although steel can outlast aluminum, Redline has made every attempt to enforce weak spots and gives you a bike that is guaranteed to last. The aluminum will surpass any steel-made frame in speed by keeping a low weight and tight design. 

The seat is made for speed as well. With minimal material, it keeps extra weight off but makes for an uncomfortable ride during long treks. Many have fixed this issue with a seat cover or replacing the seat with something more comfortable. 

Quality tires mixed with strong breaks will give you all the control you need to perform well and stay safe. Whether you're on a race track or on the road, you can be at ease knowing these reliable parts will perform as needed. 

Included chain tensioners give extra strength to your chains so they won't break or jam and provide a solution to previous models that had this problem.


The Redline Proline BMX Race bike provides excellent control, a lightweight build for speed and handling, a mid-level price with high-level performance, and attractive design. These features make this Proline bike an obvious choice. 

If you're ready to step up your BMX game, this is the bike for you. You won't regret it once you're racing past your competition on the track!



Proprietary Alloy Formed and Butted Tubing



Full Chromo With Tapered Legs

Rear Shock:

Front Travel:

Rear Travel:


Proline 2pc Alloy Forged Cranks, 175mm w/24mm Chromo Spindle

Bottom Bracket:

External Sealed Euro BB


Rear Derailleur:

Number of Gears:



Tektro 930AL Linear

Wheel Size:

Alloy Race, 20 x 1.75, 36h


Vee Speed Booster, F. 20 x 1.75" / R. 20 x 1.6"


RL Pro Chromo 7.5" Rise / 10° Back / 4° Up


RL Aluminum HollowPoint 55mm

Seat Post:

Aluminum Pivotal 26.8mm


Race Pivotal, No padding


Sealed Integrated Headset 1 1/8, Aluminum top cap


Redline Proline BMX Review

The Redline Proline BMX Race Bike is the perfect bike to take you to the next level. The mid-level price and race-ready features make this a high-performance bike that will keep you ahead of your competitors.