Schwinn Coston Adult Electric Hybrid Bike Review

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Liam E.

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June 4, 2022

Schwinn Coston

The Coston DX is a commuter-ready e-bike with an adjustable seat post, upright handlebar, sturdier frame, and larger tires. All these provide you with comfortable rides throughout your town.

Easy moving, sturdy bike

The Step-thru framing system makes mounting simple

Powerful battery provides higher mileage

Slightly tough to match the bike size for some riders


Coston adult electric hybrid bike is an excellent edition of Schwinn's well-known bike brand. It’s a DX-style electric bike that will take you back into your childhood to remind fun bike riding as a kid. The bike isn’t quick or agile off the mark like some models, though; you’ll feel it is as safe as solid to ride. As a flagship e-bike model, The Coston DX sits over its siblings, Coston CE, Mendocino, and Marshal electric bikes. Also, it provides benefits of the highest range from the long-lasting and most significant battery of all other models. So, keep reading and know more details about the Coston DX adult electric hybrid bike.

The Coston DX comes with an artistically pleasing frame, taillight, and headlight. It looks great on the testing grounds and roads with a rear pannier rack and durable metal fenders. The bike is designed practically for maximum comfort mounted in its saddle on the suspension seat post. It pops up with the comfortable seat for a phone or tools below.

Who is this bike perfect for?

The Schwinn Coston DX e-bike is suitable for practical purposes as a town commuter. As its name suggests, this e-bike is perfect for adults with 5’4” to 6’4” heights. This aluminum-framed, the lightweight bike is the right fit for riders who are 68-74-inch tall. The sturdy construction of the bike gives a great visual impression that you can use it ruggedly

The Coston DX would be the right choice for the beginner or younger and the adult. That’s not just because of the comfortable layout and excellent lighting; it’s also a great price. Moreover, the bike has an ideal weight distribution, unique storage box, and cable integration.

Schwinn Coston


You’ll not feel you need to struggle to pedal this sturdy Coston DX. Zero issues are out there while going to the mid and higher-support range, maintaining up to 20m/h speed on the even terrains. Also, the motor doesn’t struggle when you climb hills riding this bike. You can maintain a solid mileage of 17-18m/h in the hilly terrain with a little more pedaling effort. If you’re not in a mountainous region, you’ll get up to 45 miles every charge. The bike's motor is smooth enough to engage at all assist levels. Unlike some other e-bikes, it’ll not make you hurled forward. Apart from a powerful motor, the bike offers fantastic performance with the larger wheels, rear rack, lights, fenders, etc.

Grand Versatility

The handle of the Coston DX is more responsive than many other e-bikes currently available in the market. You can dive into curves or ride to shoulders at speed, thanks to this feature. As the brand is a leader in the bike market, this bike is easy to get from different retailers and their official websites. The bike comes mostly assembled, and you may need an extra 20-minute to complete the build.

User-friendly Console

A small and user-friendly console is on the handlebar’s left side. It has three buttons – up, down, and a power button in its middle. You can adjust the pedal support levels using these up and down buttons. And the middle button of power/enter helps you turn your bike on when holding it. However, don’t forget to switch on the battery before turning your bike on. This console indicates the remaining battery, bike speed, pedal-assist levels, and the total distance.

Battery & Charging

You already know the Coston DX comes with a 360W battery with 21700 cells and takes about five hours to get charged. A port is available on the frame’s side to charge the battery without removing it. Also, you can use its keys to take the battery out and set it separately. The battery fits nicely inside the base tube, making the bike sleek-looking.

Comparison with alternatives

Coston DX Marshall Coston CE
Frame Step-thru & standover Step-thru & standover Step-thru & standover
Range 45 miles/charge 35 miles/charge 35 miles/charge
Battery 360Wh 288Wh 288Wh
Charge Duration 5 hours 4 hours 4 hours
Speed 20mph 20mph 20mph
Weight 60 lbs 52-55 lbs 59.4 lbs
Price Amazon Amazon Amazon


When you see the Schwinn Coston adult electric hybrid bike on the price list, you can think the producer has gone beyond its mark. However, it comes with a decent value compared to other similarly built bikes from different producers. Indeed, the Coston DX would be the right choice for general-purpose or city commuting for many people. It could be the correct time to leave your old bike for this new e-bike. By now, you know a lot about this hybrid bike. It’s time to power up the adventure with this comfortable and easy-to-ride e-bike. Happy Riding!



6061 aluminum




Rear Shock:

Front Travel:

Rear Travel:


Bottom Bracket:


Rear Derailleur:

Number of Gears:


180/160mm rotors, Mechanical disc

Wheel Size:





Seat Post:




Schwinn Coston

The Coston DX is a commuter-ready e-bike with an adjustable seat post, upright handlebar, sturdier frame, and larger tires. All these provide you with comfortable rides throughout your town.