Schwinn Destiny Cruiser Bike Review

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Liam E.

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March 20, 2022

Schwinn Destiny

The Schwinn Destiny 24 Cruiser is a vintage model with cargo functionality designed for girls of 8+ years old. The bright color theme, simplicity, and reliability make it a wonderful option for daily school trips and beach cruising.

Vintage design and Excellent handling provides a smooth riding experience.

Wide tires on lightweight 24” rims ensure better road control.

Excellent weight capacity makes it more versatile.

not suitable for adults taller than 5'5"


Explore this detailed Schwinn Destiny review and find more facts before making your final decision!

This model arrives packed tightly in a large carton box. The vintage shape of a frame and unique color theme are the first two things that you’ll notice about this bike while unpacking.


The rigid steel frame guarantees years of service and allows the bike to hold teens up to 180 pounds. Due to the retro style, it’s easy to imagine how much attention this bike will get on the streets. Coated in a light and delicate shade of lavender paint, your bike will become the most recognizable very quickly.


The bike boasts 24” single wall lightweight steel rims that are complemented with wider 2.5” tires. This combination gives extra stability, which can be especially important to maintain full control on a sandy road. Apart from stability, wider tires reduce the braking distance by providing better contact with the surface.

As we’ve already mentioned above, both wheels are covered with fenders to protect the rider in all conditions.


For those who like riding a lot, this wide padded cruiser saddle will grant tremendous comfort. The dual spring helps to alleviate all the road bumps, while adjustable seat height and angle allow finding the proper position easily. With the quick-release mechanism, the height can be changed any time without any tools.

Pedals, chain, and brakes

The resin platform pedals ensure maximum grip even in wet conditions, while the built-in reflectors provide better visibility after sunset for drivers.

For effortless maintenance and easy operation, this cruiser comes with a single-speed drivetrain, which brags an intuitive and highly effective coaster brake.

As it is a classical model, the chain might use some lubrication once in a while to make it operate smoother and last longer. But you can rest assured that it comes already prepared for the ride, so you’ll only need to clean and oil it after a month or two.


Apart from a vintage look, the rear cargo features excellent functionality. The wooden flat platform can be used for carrying bags and items that weigh up to 15 pounds. For added safety, it also has a reflector bracket.

On the front side of the bike, you’ll find a wicker handlebar basket, where you can store some of your things or accessories as well.

The regular handlebar shape is ready for bells and whistles (no pun intended), as well as a reflector.


Make sure that you have an Allen key, wrench, and Phillips head screwdriver at hand. Luckily, the rear wheel, fender, and chain come pre-installed, which saves a lot of time and effort.

The simplest part is attaching the pedals with an Allen key. Just check the left and right sides to insert them correctly. Next, rotate the fork forward and install the fender with a screwdriver. After that, the front wheel can be easily attached with nuts.

As you finish with the front wheel, insert the handlebars into the stem and tighten the bolt. By loosening the clamp, you can adjust the handlebar height according to your needs.

The last part is installing the seat. Once you loosen and straighten the clamp, insert the post, and that’s it!

Who is this bike perfect for?

Are you looking for the first bike for your daughter? Or is it an upgrade that she’ll enjoy riding every day? Whatever is the case, this model is an optimal pick for 8+ years old riders with 4'8"-5'6" height.

The 24” wheels are large enough to ensure smooth cycling, but Schwinn Destiny’s specialty is cruising along the coasts and beaches, following through bike paths, and riding among the streets.

Any girl will love using it to go to school or help her parents with daily tasks like going to the store thanks to the impressive cargo capacity.

The product comes with a limited lifetime warranty. This proves the fact that it is designed for everyday use.

When it comes to comfort, it’s hard to beat this girl’s cruiser. Thanks to the classic handlebar, you’ll be able to enjoy an upright position, which makes it a great choice for longer rides.

Schwinn Destiny


The swept-back rubber handlebars give it a better grip, while its adjustable height and angle allow the rider to find the perfect position.

Let’s not forget to mention that it is incredibly simple to pedal for hours. While the hills might require a bit more effort just because it comes with a single gear, riding the streets will always be a pleasurable experience.

Moreover, this bike is very easy to maintain. At only 40 pounds, it’s not a big deal to lift it to carry and give it a wash. The quick-release parts and front wheel will help you to finish the process even faster.

When servicing time comes, you’ll only need to clean and lubricate the chain, and it will be as good as new.


Whether your girl is a newbie cyclist or she needs a replacement for her smaller bike, this model proves to be a fantastic pick, especially at the price given. If she is somewhere between 4'8" and 5'6" high, you should consider this option for daily school trips or weekend fun.

Of course, it has no fancy disk brakes or complicated gear mechanisms. But the simplicity of the construction makes it more reliable and reduces the maintenance time required. Also, we should point out its vintage style once again. Everyone around will surely like it.

On top of that, its cargo functionality provides versatility. Finally, it is very lightweight, so it can be carried somewhere easily if need be.



Steel, 11"




Schwinn, steel, rigid

Rear Shock:

Front Travel:

Rear Travel:


Bottom Bracket:


Rear Derailleur:

Number of Gears:

single speed


coaster brake

Wheel Size:

24”, single wall, steel


2.5” wide



quill, steel

Seat Post:

spring seat, adjustable


Schwinn, cruiser


steel, threaded



Schwinn Destiny

The Schwinn Destiny 24 Cruiser is a vintage model with cargo functionality designed for girls of 8+ years old. The bright color theme, simplicity, and reliability make it a wonderful option for daily school trips and beach cruising.