Schwinn High Timber Mountain Bike Review

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Liam E.

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January 25, 2022

Schwinn High Timber Review

The Schwinn High Timber is a mountain bike that is easy to maneuver on many types of terrain. Its solid design, rugged tires, and affordable price make it ideal for new mountain bikers and casual trail riders.

The durable steel and alloy frame is lighter than those assembled in most steel bikes and provides long-lasting performance.

A front suspension makes it easy to ride on various types of terrain, from smooth pavement to rocky trails.

Front and rear alloy linear-pull brakes provide better handling and control when stopping.

A larger frame and brake lever reach are not ideal for smaller riders.


Dive into this Schwinn High Timber Review and learn everything you need to know to make an informed decision. 

The Schwinn High Timber’s frame is a duplicate of the kind of frames that were popular in the early 90s. The modern model combines past design with lighter weight materials to create a bike that is easy to maneuver, but still durable. 

The mountain bike frame with front suspension is made from mostly steel with a few alloys mixed in. Bikes are not normally made from steel because of the weight, but the Schwinn High Timber’s mix of materials gives it long-lasting durability. This is especially important for bikers who spend the majority of their time on the trails.

Mountain bikers will find the edge they need with the multi-speed Shimano twist shifters and Shimano rear derailleur. These allow for quick gear shifts and can handle almost any surface or incline.

The Schwinn High Timber is crafted with powerful brakes and large wheels that work effortlessly together. The front and rear alloy linear-pull brakes provide riders with precision stopping, and the all-terrain tires with alloy rims are lightweight but able to take on a variety of off-road obstacles. 

An alloy crank gives access to a wide range of gears and requires less maintenance.

Who is this bike for?

A Schwinn High Timber review reveals that this mountain bike is an ideal choice for someone looking for a premium style bike at a low price. This entry-level bike is built on a durable past design that is able to endure all types of terrain, and the mix of steel and alloy frame makes it easy to maneuver and handle. 

Adults over five feet will find the Schwinn High Timber has a relaxed fit and can be lifted without much effort. Plus, quick gear shifts and steady breaking make trips on the trails enjoyable.

Thanks to Schwinn’s long-lasting steel frame design, this bike will not need to be replaced as often as bikes constructed of lesser grade material. With proper maintenance and care, cyclists will enjoy the Schwinn High Timber for many years.

Schwinn High Timber Review


Tough trails are not a problem for the Schwinn High Timber, as the mountain frame and front suspension fork allow for controlled riding. Cyclists will find it easy to shift between gears due to the Shimano twist shifters with multi-speed rear derailleur. Although quick shifting is ideal for adults and more experienced bikers, it may not be suitable for novice riders or children.

The wide, knobby all-terrain tires sit on light and durable alloy wheels, giving added stability, whether riding on pavement or off-road. At 29 inches, these mountain bike tires are able to navigate obstacles easier than tires with a smaller diameter. Plus, the alloy rims give further assurance that the wheels will not bend or break under duress. 

Some have found the vinyl seating uncomfortable, but extra padding or a different seat can remedy this minor problem.


The Schwinn High Timber mountain bike suits the needs of all kinds of riders, from new trailblazers to more experienced cyclists looking for an affordable bike. Its easy maneuverability, sturdy, but the lightweight frame and tough tires make it a great choice for beginner bikers or those who haven’t hopped on a bike in a while. 

Due to the sturdy construction and all-terrain design, both casual cyclists and those looking for a challenging workout will find what they need in the Schwinn High Timber. 

If you are looking for a good quality name-brand bike at a low price, then the Schwinn High Timber is worth considering.



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Schwinn High Timber Review

The Schwinn High Timber is a mountain bike that is easy to maneuver on many types of terrain. Its solid design, rugged tires, and affordable price make it ideal for new mountain bikers and casual trail riders.