Schwinn Sanctuary 7 Cruiser Bike Review

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Liam E.

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December 26, 2021

Schwinn Sanctuary 7 Review

If you’re in the market for a cruiser bike finding the right one can be tough, especially if you want a bike with versatility. The Schwinn Sanctuary 7 review, which balances form and function.

A Shimano seven-speed rear derailleur with SRAM twist shifters.

Cargo rack is convenient for running errands.

Sturdy, reinforced steel frame

Slightly heavy bike weighing 44 lbs


Is there anything better than a fun and relaxing bike ride on a beautiful day? We don’t think so, either, especially when you’re riding around on a cruiser. Since these bikes are trendy, finding one might seem easy, but not all cruisers are made with the same level of quality. If you’ve always wanted a stylish, retro-inspired bike, Schwinn makes great cruiser bikes that will last a lifetime. 

Schwinn is one of the most recognized bike makers globally, and they’ve been going strong since 1895. For over a century, they have become known for their high standards in quality and craftsmanship. Their superb reputation has convinced people worldwide, from Olympic athletes to the military and families, to choose Schwinn over the years. 

Their dedication to quality can easily be seen in their Schwinn 7 Sanctuary bike. The frame is made from reinforced steel and features lightweight aluminum alloy rims. It also includes a handy rear cargo rack, full protective fenders, and a seven-speed Shimano derailleur with SRAM twist shifters. These features give you performance, versatility, and control so you can cruise all day long.

Key Features

  • Shimano seven-speed rear derailleur.
  • Full fenders for deflecting mud and debris.
  • A convenient rear cargo rack. 
  • Lightweight aluminum alloy rims.

Who is this bike perfect for?

The Schwinn 7 Sanctuary is a versatile bike that anyone can use. Cruiser bikes are best for anyone who wants to do just that: cruise. This bike was designed to mirror cruiser bikes that were popular in the past, and it has a lot to offer. One key feature we love is the rear cargo rack, which makes it a versatile bike to use for fun or to run some errands. 

Its adjustable seat means it can be ridden by anyone between 5’4” to 6’2”. The padded saddle seat is wide and cushy so you can ride for extended periods of time with ease. On top of that, the smooth transition of the derailleur combined with the comfortable width and motion of the pedals makes it feel like you’re in full control.

If you are looking to explore rugged terrain or ride natural trails, then you will want to look elsewhere. This bike is meant for people who want to enjoy a laid-back bike ride in city spaces or on paved trails. That also means that it isn’t the best if you are looking for a bike that can take daily wear and tear. Although this bike is durable, it was designed for cruising.

Schwinn Sanctuary 7 Review


In this Schwinn Sanctuary 7 review we want to help you understand how this bike handles, and we have to say, we’re impressed. It has all the features you want and expect out of a cruiser bike like a comfortable ride, but there’s more. It also has other handy features like a back cargo rack, making it an even more convenient bike to have around.

The Sanctuary 7 is made with a durable reinforced steel frame and features airy aluminum alloy rims that make your ride as smooth and swift as possible. It features a 7-speed gear system (hence the name) that gives you more control compared to other cruiser bikes. This gear system is connected to the derailleur with SRAM twist shifters so you can effortlessly change gears. 

With the Schwinn Sanctuary 7, you can trust that you will have a sturdy bike that is versatile and long lasting. Whether you want to use it to commute to work or go on a relaxed weekend bike ride, this cruiser will meet your needs. This balanced design between form and function make the Schwinn Huron and Mikko Cruiser the perfect choice for anyone who wants a little extra out of their bike.


Hopefully, our Schwinn Sanctuary 7 review has helped you narrow down your choices for bikes, or even better, decide to get one yourself. You’ll see that the Sanctuary 7 is one of the best purchases you’ve made. Order yours today!






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Schwinn Sanctuary 7 Review

If you’re in the market for a cruiser bike finding the right one can be tough, especially if you want a bike with versatility. The Schwinn Sanctuary 7 review, which balances form and function.