Schwinn Taff Mountain Bike Review

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Liam E.

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March 20, 2022

Schwinn Taff

The 29" Schwinn Taff Mountain Bike is a great beginner bike if you're looking to get out and try the trails for the first time. For an entry-level price, Schwinn provides you with a variety of expert-level features.

The Schwinn Taff has an aluminum frame with a powerful front suspension fork in order to absorb rough bumps out on the trail.

It comes with a rear clutch derailleur, which reduces chain slapping.

Tapered head tube provides an opportunity for modifications and additions later on.

The Wilderness Trail Bikes (WTB) Starflight tires do not perform well on loose dirt or in muddy areas and work better on dry, packed trails.

Does not come pre-assembled.


Schwinn is a well-known bike manufacturer that has been around since 1895. They produce a wide variety of bikes at affordable prices, and their Taff sports large 29-inch mountain tires, ready to hit the trails.

The Taff introduces you to a variety of expert-level features, such as their addition of a rear clutch derailleur, which reduces chain slapping as you change gears.

The frame itself is aluminum, keeping it lightweight, but has a sturdy design overall. It has hydro-formed tubing and a front suspension fork designed to absorb bumps so that you have a smoother ride. Like the frame, the rims are lightweight as well. They are made alloy and have a double-wall infrastructure, which provides stability.

Schwinn has also made sure that accelerating and stopping off-road is a breeze. With a 1x8 Pro Rush MTB drivetrain, a 13-40 freewheel paired with a 30 tooth narrow/wide front ring, you can shift quickly within a broad gear range depending on the trail's changing conditions. The front and rear disc brakes are specially designed to administer all-condition stopping and precise speed control.

Since the Taff has a 1x8 drivetrain, this means it has a single chainring up front and seven gears on the rear cassette. Shifting is much simpler because there is only one shifter on the right handlebar. Also, the seat post is tool-free for easy height adjustments on-the-go.

Who is this bike perfect for?

The 29" Schwinn Taff Mountain Bike is ideal for someone looking for:

  • A beginner-friendly mountain bike. The mountain biking hobby can be daunting at first, as most riders sport expensive or custom-built bikes. The Schwinn Taff comes in at an affordable price-point with a variety of features that will benefit a new rider on the trails. Its tapered head tube and frame clearance also allow it to be modified if the owner wishes, making it a great starter bike.

A well-rounded, affordable bike. While the Taff is definitely geared toward off-roading, many consumers compliment the variety of features it offers at such a low price, such as disc brakes, hydraulic suspension, easy release clamps, and trigger gear shifters. It would not be uncommon to see the Taff be used in a variety of other environments, despite the large mountain tires.

Schwinn Taff


Overall, Schwinn has packed a lot of punch into the 29" Taff Mountain Bike. 

The frame and wheels are well-constructed but lightweight, allowing you to take and absorb bumps on the trail like a professional. As the terrain changes, you can adjust easily with the 1x8 drivetrain and enjoy the extra friction provided by the rear clutch derailleur. The disc train gives you more control over your acceleration and stopping.

The seat might not be the comfiest, though, so you may have to purchase a seat cover or a replacement seat. 

The tires are better acclimated for dry and packed dirt instead of muddy or loose terrain. While you can still ride the Taff in a variety of conditions and environments, you may face more resistance after a series of thunderstorms or near bodies of water.


The Schwinn Taff 29" Mountain Bike is affordable, well-built, and overall an excellent choice for someone looking to hit the trails for the first time. It has excellent speed and stop control, and can adjust to varying conditions quickly and reliably. 

If you dive in and make the purchase, you can feel protected and assured against malfunctions. Schwinn provides you with a limited lifetime warranty for as long as you own the bike. While this doesn't protect against normal wear or tear or abuse sustained from stunting and jumping, Schwinn steps up and takes responsibility for any faulty or missing parts, standing behind the quality of their products.



Aluminum 18" rigid mountain


Schwinn alloy suspension - oversized


Schwinn alloy suspension - oversized

Rear Shock:

Front Travel:

Rear Travel:


Bottom Bracket:



24 Speed Shimano EZ-FIRE PLUS

Rear Derailleur:

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Front loaded alloy

Seat Post:



Schwinn mountain sport



Schwinn Taff

The 29" Schwinn Taff Mountain Bike is a great beginner bike if you're looking to get out and try the trails for the first time. For an entry-level price, Schwinn provides you with a variety of expert-level features.