Schwinn Traxion Mountain Bike Review

Written by:

Liam E.

Last updated:

March 20, 2022

Schwinn Traxion

The Schwinn Traxion Mountain Bike is a trail-ready model that comes with a lightweight full-suspension frame, wide handlebar, and grippy tires. With plenty of room for accessories and customization, it will take biking to the next level.

Full-suspension design for a smoother ride

Large wheels with wide mountain tires

Reliable drivetrain with a 24-speed trigger shifter

Lower-end fork

The pedal clearance is only 5.1 inches


In this in-depth review, you can learn more about the Schwinn Traxion Mountain Bike before making your final decision!

The first thing to note is that this is a full-suspension model, which is a huge advantage in this price range. This bike is ready for mountain trails thanks to its 29” wheels that are complemented with wide trail tires. Along with that, you’ll love quick rides at your neighborhood on this because of a decent clearance to deal with curbs.


Apart from the bright graphics and modern look, the frame shape ensures excellent performance on any type of surface. Since it is made of aluminum, the bike weighs only 45 pounds, which improves the control. On top of that, the built-in pivot system helps on bumpy trails and keeps the rear wheel on the track.


The stem on this model is wide, so there is a lot of room for the gadgets, bell, and even front lights. The locked-on grips have a ribbed pattern that prevents your hands from slipping. At each side, you’ll find Shimano trigger shifters that you can raise or lower together with brakes using a hex key.

To adjust its height, you can add or remove the spacers according to your height and riding position.

Wheels, rims, and brakes

The bike comes with 29-inch by 2.25-inch generic high-profile mountain tires installed on double-wall aluminum rims. While these tires are quite grippy, you can always opt for an upgrade since this frame can accommodate wider ones. The quick-release mechanism on both wheels makes it simpler for repairs on the go.

As for the brakes, the 160mm disks are installed on both wheels with the front one being slightly more responsive. With the clear cabling provided, the bike looks neat.

Surprisingly, this bike features high-quality anodized hubs that will withstand heavy use easily.


For casual riding, the fork here works just fine, and you can make it even stiffer with a click of a dial. However, this is a lower-budget choice for this type of bike, so it will feel somewhat limiting on trails. Some bumps will cause it to make noise, yet the front wheels remain stable at all times.

On the other hand, the rear coil-over shock and a pivot system are very smooth. These also allow adjustability.

This combination makes it a versatile pick for cruising in the city, around the neighborhood, and also non-aggressive trail rides.


The Schwinn vinyl saddle matches the overall design of this bike, but it’s a shame that it lacks any softness. Since this is a typical choice by many manufacturers for modern mountain bikes, our suggestion is to get a replacement for it.

The seat post is infinitely adjustable with a quick-release lever, and any person within a 5'4"-6'2" height range will find it comfortable for longer rides.


The 24-speed Shimano EZ-Fire trigger shifters work smoothly in all conditions. Of course, you might expect something else in this price range. Still, this is a decent option for both off-road and city cycling thanks to the choice of gears.

Next, this mountain bike boasts an HDL crank and a TourneyTX derailleur on the back with a 13-28 tooth cassette. The latter allows you to climb any hill and reach max speed effortlessly.

When it comes to pedals, they are standard and made of durable plastic. The only concern might be the clearance of 5.1 inches if you want to make the most of your bike.


We were happy to find an included kickstand with this product. As we’ve mentioned above, there is plenty of space for accessories and light reflectors.

Unfortunately, you won’t get fenders here, but there are many variants on the market for your needs. If you want to carry tools with you, you can go for a pack. Just remember to pick a smaller one for the frame because of a coil-over shock right in the middle.

Who is this bike for?

If you are an average height person who enjoys biking every day, you’ll love the versatility of this model. For forests, hills, coast riding, and even neighborhood cruising, this bike is an optimal pick thanks to the soft suspension. It allows you to jump onto and off the curbs, and the large wheels offer maximum traction.

As for the extreme downhill speed runs, it’s better to look for something else since the front fork might be not ideal here. Also, the pedal clearance might be insufficient for some trails.

Schwinn Traxion


The bike shows decent results both in the city and on a trail. The handlebar is wide enough for all your gadgets and a comfortable riding position, and the all-forgiving suspension helps a lot on uneven terrains. Since this is a 24-speed bike, it’s easy to find the right gear for your situation to make pedaling effortless.

The only drawback is the fork that will clunk on the bumps. Still, you can adjust it to give you better control. Once you replace a seat, you can set out on a longer trip with this model


The Schwinn Traxion Mountain Bike is a reliable semi-professional pick that suits trail-shredding and is quite comfortable for quick daily rides. The 29” wide wheels make it possible to climb almost anywhere, and the 24-speed trigger shifter makes pedaling simpler.

It’s clear that it needs some improvements if you plan to use it for extreme biking, especially when you compare it to some high-end models. But the difference is not that critical, and you can add your accessories and adjust this bike according to your liking.



18", rigid, aluminum


Front fork and rear coil-over shock


Schwinn alloy/steel suspension

Rear Shock:

Front Travel:

Rear Travel:


Schwinn, alloy

Bottom Bracket:


24-speed Shimano EZ-Fire trigger shifter

Rear Derailleur:

Number of Gears:

13-28T Shimano


160mm mechanical disk brakes

Wheel Size:

29”, alloy high profile double-wall, aluminum


29" x 2.25" mountain tires



Threadless, aluminum

Seat Post:

Infinitely adjustable, quick-release


Schwinn, vinyl, mountain


spacers included


Schwinn Traxion

The Schwinn Traxion Mountain Bike is a trail-ready model that comes with a lightweight full-suspension frame, wide handlebar, and grippy tires. With plenty of room for accessories and customization, it will take biking to the next level.