Schwinn Volare 1400 Bike Review

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Liam E.

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January 3, 2022

Schwinn Volare 1400

The Schwinn Volare 1400 is a lightweight bike that offers a smooth and comfortable ride. Its sleek design and ease of assemblage makes it the perfect bike for new cyclists and city commuters.

Shimano rear derailleur and shifter and brake lever work together to give the rider quick shift power and easy braking.

Large Schwinn road tires protected by alloy double wall rims provide a frictionless ride.

New cyclists will find the bike easy to assemble, as little assembly is required. Crank, chain, and brakes are already on the frame and the handlebar is set up with tape and brakes.

At 30 pounds, this bike may be too heavy for some riders.


Schwinn has over a century of experience designing and manufacturing bicycles, so they are one of the most trusted brands for bicycle enthusiasts of all experience levels.

As far as name brand road bikes go, the Schwinn Volare offers a plethora of benefits at a budget price. As a drop-bar road-bike with 14 gears, the Volare offers casual cyclists and commuters a smooth and comfortable ride that doesn’t leave you feeling like you’ve completed a marathon through the mountains. 

A lightweight aluminum road frame and steel road fork allow for speed and agility when riding. Riders will also find ease when shifting and braking thanks to the Shimano multi-speed integrated shifter/brake lever combination and Shimano derailleurs. 

Alloy linear pull brakes located on the front and rear of the bike, along with the 700cc road tires offer easy maneuverability and precise braking. The alloy wheels with high profile rims are as stylish as they are durable. 

The Schwinn Volare 1400 is available in a one sized 48 cm frame and is finished in a sleek, matte purple. The bike is also available in a 53cm frame and is finished in a refined, matte red.

For as long as you own the Volare 1400, you’ll be covered by Schwinn's limited lifetime warranty.

Who is this bike for?

If you’ve read through this Schwinn Volare Review so far, you’ve probably noticed that this road bike is an ideal choice for casual riders and commuters, especially considering the price point. It is also a great option for anyone wanting to start or get back into a fitness routine, including cyclists who want to clock some serious mileage, but are not yet ready to race.

The Schwinn Volare 1400road bike is also great for beginners and casual riders because it’s easy to put together and maintain. Some riders may find they need additional help with assembly by taking it to a bike shop, but for the most part, buyers find the included instructions easy to follow. There are also plenty of DIY tutorials online to help you take care of your Schwinn Volare.

Commuters will enjoy cruising to work on this bike because it’s fast, agile, and able to take on most terrains. The flat styled handlebar and sport riding seat offers comfort and is easy on the knees, while also providing riders with a productive leg workout.

Schwinn Volare 1400


Buyers will find that the Schwinn Volare 1400 road bike rides as well as many high-end bikes. The bike’s classic, but sleek style is composed of modern construction materials and built-in technology that gives new riders, commuters, and casual bicyclists a pleasant ride on various terrains. 

The lightweight aluminum frame and alloy wheels provide durability, which is essential when accumulating miles. Plus, the ergonomically correct design makes the ride much more comfortable on the knees and back. 

Additionally, the innovative derailleur and shifter brake offer smooth shifting and precision braking, which is beneficial to anyone riding through busy city streets.


The Schwinn Volare 1400 bike suits the needs of new cyclists, fitness riders, and city commuters. 

Buyers will find that the Volare offers quality components at an attractive price and will equally appreciate that the bike comes with Schwinn’s limited lifetime warranty for as long as you own the bike. With these kinds of benefits, the Volare is a good pick for anyone wanting a starter bike or for those who do not plan on or want to purchase another bike in the near future.

Swift gear shifting, precision braking, oversized tires, and a lightweight but sturdy frame are just some of the reasons why the Schwinn Volare is an excellent option for anyone who wants a quality, brand name bike at an affordable price point. 



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Bottom Bracket:


Shimano 14 Speed Integrated Shifter

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Schwinn Volare 1400

The Schwinn Volare 1400 is a lightweight bike that offers a smooth and comfortable ride. Its sleek design and ease of assemblage makes it the perfect bike for new cyclists and city commuters.