Schwinn Voyageur Electric Bike Review

Written by:

Liam E.

Last updated:

March 20, 2022

Schwinn Voyageur

For those searching for a sturdy hybrid model in a medium price segment, the Schwinn Voyageur Electric Bike is a great choice. Along with a 5-level pedal assist function, powerful motor, and adjustable suspension, you will have a choice between two frame types.

Lower battery location for better bike control

Robust frame with two available designs

Adjustable fork and pedal-assist levels

Limited space for bags and accessories


If you are interested in learning more about Schwinn Voyageur Electric Bike, check out this detailed review. We collected all the important facts that we’ll share below to make your decision easier!

Let’s start with the package. Inside, you'll find e-bike parts, a removable battery, and a small LCD display. Although the product arrives disassembled, it doesn’t take a lot of time and effort to put everything together. Almost all parts here can be tightened or adjusted with the help of a hex key.

While this bike is available with two types of frames: medium step-over and large step-through design, the specs of both models are very similar. The only significant difference is the motor location, but the power that each model offers remains the same.


The non-folding frame of this hybrid bike is made of aluminum for weight reduction and durability. It offers improved comfort thanks to the shape.

The bike with a medium step-over frame weighs 59 pounds in total and the one with a step-though frame appears to be 3 pounds heavier.

With the technology called hydroforming, the bars gain higher quality and withstand even the toughest conditions easily. As if it’s not enough, the frame comes with a lifetime warranty.

For optimal weight distribution, the battery is installed at the lowest point of the frame. Due to that, the bike remains stable at a higher speed, and the rider achieves better control. The reasonable drawback for some might be a lack of space between the bars. So that you can’t attach a frame bag to them.


The 28” wheels come with 700c 1.35” (35mm) tires that feature puncture protection so that this bike is ready for mountain trails and rocky terrains. That wheel size works also well for cruising around the neighborhood providing you with excellent stability and speed.

As for the rims, their double-walled 32h Ebike-specific aluminum construction guarantees the best performance without adding extra weight.

Unfortunately, you’ll have to purchase the fenders separately if you need them as they are not included.


For improved control on the slopes, this e-bike comes with aluminum Tektro mechanical disc brakes. The 160-millimeter rotors have a decent surface contact for maximum precision.

However, be mindful that they might require adjustments before you take this bike to the streets for the first time. Luckily, this procedure can be done with the help of online guides or at the nearest bike store.


The best part of the SR Suntour fork is a dial that gives you more flexibility if you want to ride on different types of terrain. For a firm feel, you can close it, and it will prevent the bike from bouncing. When it’s open, the suspension becomes super plush.


The 11-34t cassette works smoothly together with the Shimano 8-speed shifter and rear derailleur. Once you switch to the lower gear, you’ll be able to climb even the toughest spots with the help of pedal assist. When speaking about the roads, it will also help you to reach 20mph much easier.

Generally, the gear ratio is standard for this type of bike with the crank having only one chainring.

Battery and electronics

The most convenient part here is a removable Li-Ion battery that allows you to recharge it anywhere you want. The 400 watt-hour capacity is enough for 40 to 65 miles, so it saves you from the routine of detaching the battery after smaller trips. 

There is a small charge indicator on the top side of the battery and an LCD monitor on the handlebar. The latter will also help you to switch pedal assist levels, show the current speed, mileage, and more. For ease of use, the control buttons can be reached with a left thumb. Finally, all the electronics are covered with a 2-year warranty.


Depending on what frame you pick, you can get either a hub-drive motor or a mid-drive one created by Bafang. The first one is available with a step-over frame, while the second one is installed on step-through models.

In both situations, the motor produces 250 watts of power and has 5 pedal assist levels. With the biker’s help, it will provide enough momentum for quick acceleration and easy pedaling.


The seat here provides excellent comfort thanks to the ergonomic shape and built-in suspension. Next, the quick-release mechanism at the bottom of the post gives you the opportunity to change the height and find the optimal riding position. Just like with regular seats, this one has plenty of space behind for a small pack.

Who is this bike perfect for?

Considering the frame design, wheels, and electronic parts, this is an ideal pick for both short and tall adults who enjoy occasional or daily rides and even wish to conquer some hills and jam on rough terrains.

This is a well-balanced choice if you prefer an upright riding position. It’s true that you won’t be able to bring a lot of items with you due to the limited space for bags, but this hybrid bike allows you to travel longer distances effortlessly.

Schwinn Voyageur


The first thing worth mentioning is the battery capacity. If your routes are short, it can easily keep the charge for a week or so and give you the full power. On the other hand, getting up to 65 miles per charge is more than enough for a long trip. The LCD screen is a nice addition here as it has an intuitive interface and stays visible in all conditions.

Overall, it might give you a firmer feel because there is no shock, but the adjustable fork and seat suspension do a great job of reducing the vibrations. With a switch of a dial, you can turn it back into a road bike for cruising the streets and reaching top speed.


This hybrid bike can be found in a medium price range, and here, you’ll definitely get what you pay for. To start with, you’ll be surprised with how well the 8-speed Schwinn drivetrain and 250-watt motor work together. This model is designed with versatility in mind, so it can be used for both hills and roads.

The fork allows adjustability, while the Li-Ion battery lasts for several trips. Moreover, the upright riding position is what makes it a fantastic option for everyday use. According to your preferences, you can pick either a medium step-over or large step-through frame with the only difference of a motor location. The aluminum construction in both cases is lightweight and reliable. 



Hydroformed 6061 aluminum (medium step-over, large step-through)




SR Suntour NEX with Lockout

Rear Shock:

Front Travel:

Rear Travel:


Bottom Bracket:


Shimano 8-speed shifter with a rear derailleur

Rear Derailleur:

Number of Gears:


Aluminum Tektro mechanical disc brakes

Wheel Size:

32h Ebike-specific double-walled aluminum rims


700c x 35mm with puncture protection



Seat Post:

Spring seat, adjustable




Schwinn Voyageur

For those searching for a sturdy hybrid model in a medium price segment, the Schwinn Voyageur Electric Bike is a great choice. Along with a 5-level pedal assist function, powerful motor, and adjustable suspension, you will have a choice between two frame types.