Sixthreezero Around The Block Cruiser Bike Review

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Liam E.

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December 26, 2021

Sixthreezero Around The Block Cruiser

The Sixthreezero Around The Block Cruiser Bike is a wonderful starter bike. If you are looking for a retro-inspired bicycle for casual cruising that won’t break the bank, this is the ride for you.

Affordable. Compared to similar bikes, this model is extremely inexpensive.

Comfort focused. The ergonomic design keeps the body in perfect alignment to prevent joint pain and stiffness from occurring.

Smooth ride. The sturdy steel frame and wide tires absorb all the unexpected bumps, so you have a smooth ride no matter the surface.

Not for exercise. This bike is strictly meant for leisure cruising or riding short distances to commute. It is not intended for speed riding or trail riding.


Sixthreezero is a Southern California based company known for its stylish selection of bicycles. They emphasize rider comfort and usability over speed and efficiency. 

The Sixthreezero Around The Block Cruiser is a leisure bike meant for relaxed rides around the neighborhood. There are plenty of color options, so everyone can find a combination to match their style. 

This bike is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it is designed for a smooth ride too. The 17” durable steel frame is built for stabilization. Additionally, the 2” semi-slick tires with large waffle-treads increase cushioning. The combination of the sturdy frame and shock-absorbing tires gives riders an effortlessly smooth ride. 

The ergonomic design helps prevent the frequent soreness and joint pain experienced by bike riders. The unique frame is shaped to align the spine. Spinal alignment is crucial to rider comfort. The handlebars of the Sixthreezero Around 

The Block Cruiser are also designed to make the rider experience more enjoyable. They angle backward to keep hands closer to the body. This placement eliminates shoulder strain by allowing the upper body to be vertical instead of hunched over.

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Who is this bike perfect for?

The Sixthreezero Around The Block Cruiser is an excellent bike choice if you are looking for:

  • A combo of value and quality. This model from Sixthreezero is one of their most affordable options. It is hard to find any comparable bikes of this quality for such a low price. If you are shopping for a deal, this is the bike for you.
  • A casual cruiser. Leisurely rides through the park are what this bike is made for. The waffle-tread tires and sturdy frame ensure a comfortable ride on any bike path or gravel road. If you want a bike to use on your casual weekend adventures, this is for you. However, if you want a bike for intense speed workouts or trail riding, you should look elsewhere. 
  • A bike you will look good on while riding. It is hard to deny how eye-catching the retro design of the Sixthreezero Around The Block Cruiser is. It is a fashion piece itself. If you are an occasional rider concerned with the aesthetic value of your bike, this is a great choice. The smooth ride and comfort are a bonus.
Sixthreezero Around The Block Cruiser


The steel frame makes this bike durable. It also provides more stability, so the rider feels safer and more in control while they are riding. The downside of such a sturdy material is that it weighs more than its aluminum alloy counterpart. 

So, your bike might be a little harder to pick up than other models. Most people don’t pick their bikes up very often, so the added weight is usually not a big issue. 

A V-braking system comes with most versions of this bike. The front and rear wheels are controlled with hand-operated brakes so the rider can have a quick brake response. This brake system weighs less than a disc brake system, and it is much easier to maintain. Since this bike is meant for casual use, there is no need for a more complicated disc brake system. 

This bike is engineered for a relaxing ride. It encourages spinal alignment to help with proper posture. Also, the pedal placement is designed for maximum leg extension to alleviate any hip, leg, or knee discomfort. All of this means a more enjoyable experience.


The Sixthreezero Around The Block Cruiser is affordable, stylish, and comfortable. It is the ideal bike for casual riding across a variety of surfaces. If you are after an entry-level bike for leisure activity, then you have found the perfect one.

Check out the different color options and start cruising today!



17" Steel Frame



Standard Fork Drop Out: 3/8" Threading Axle Mounts Included: Front Reflector Mount

Rear Shock:

Front Travel:

Rear Travel:


Steel Crank Arm Length: 165mm or 6.5"in Teeth Count: 44

Bottom Bracket:


Rear Derailleur:

Number of Gears:

Single speed teeth count: 18


Wheel Size:

Aluminum Alloy 26" 36-Spoke 14G Rims, Quick-Release Hub, 3/8" Threading


Size: 26”x2.125” Tread: Bubble Tread Style: White Wall



Seat Post:




1/2″×1/8″ Links: 118

Sixthreezero Around The Block Cruiser

The Sixthreezero Around The Block Cruiser Bike is a wonderful starter bike. If you are looking for a retro-inspired bicycle for casual cruising that won’t break the bank, this is the ride for you.