Redline Bike Reviews

Redline Bike Reviews




Kent, Washington

On its website, Redline says, "since 1974 we have been developing innovative BMX race, freestyle, road, cyclocross, and mountain bikes that can take the heat when you're pushing your limits on the track, in the street, or at the park." 

True to their word, the American bike company does indeed have some quality bikes with fantastic performance. Its BMX line of bikes, in particular, are popular among professional BMX riders, and cyclists looking to get into BMX racing because of how good they ride.

The most recognized bikes from the Redline include the Redline Proline Series, which comes in 10 sizes, MX Series, which are great for BMX racing, and Redline Romp and Raid. Most Redline bikes have double-wall rims and 3pc cranks. Lightweight aluminum bike frames are also commonly used to manufacture their bikes.

Redline doesn't only produce bicycles. They also make bike components, operate a clothing line, and have five bike race teams that participate in BMX, freestyle, cyclocross, and mountain bike competitions.

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