Salsa Bike Reviews

Salsa Bike Reviews




Bloomington, Minnesota, USA

Salsa is a bicycle manufacturing company owned by Quality Bicycle Products (QBP). QBP didn’t start the U.S company. Ross Shafter founded Salsa in 1981 and later sold it Quality Bicycle Products, who also own Surly and All-City bikes, in 1997.

When Shafter started Salsa Bikes, he initially only focused on building and selling bike frames and customs stems. Today the company manufactures complete bicycles and bike accessories like frames, luggage racks, handlebars, forks, etc. The Salsa range of bikes includes all-road, mountain, and fat bikes.

Some popular Salsa bikes are Spearfish and Woodsmoke mountain bikes. The Journeyman 700C, a bicycle that comes ready for multi-terrain riding, is another popular Salsa bike. Other quality bicycles include Vaya, Warbird, Mukluk, and Horsethief. The Salsa bikes are fun and exciting to ride like their names.

To make their bikes Salsa uses carbon fiber, chromoly steel, aluminum, and titanium. So, whatever type of bike you’re looking for, you can get it from Salsa.

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