Santa Cruz Bike Reviews

Santa Cruz Bike Reviews




Santa Cruz, California, USA

Santa Cruz Bicycle Company was founded by skateboarding legend, Rob Roskopp. It is named after Santa Cruz, California, where the company started and still operates from.

The bike company manufactures some of the best hardtail and full-suspension mountain bikes you can find on the market. Santa Cruz mountain bikes are built using advanced technology and high-quality parts. These two factors make the performance of their bikes exceptional, which is why they have won many cycling competitions. 

Carbon fiber or aluminum is used to make their close to a dozen models of mountain bikes. The bike frames are made in China or Taiwan, but assembling is done to customer specifications at their California factory. 

Santa Cruz bikes are not cheap, with prices starting at about $1500 and going all the way up to over $10,000. The high price paid for a Santa Cruz bike will be worth it once you experience how well the bike rides.

Santa Cruz bikes come with a lifetime warranty on the frame, fork, carbon wheels, handlebar, and bottle cages. Check out our Santa Cruz bike reviews below. You could find one that you must have!