Schwinn Bike Reviews

Schwinn Bike Reviews




Vancouver, Washington, USA

Schwinn has been making bicycles since 1895, so they know a lot about what it takes to manufacture quality bikes. Their experience in bike manufacturing shows in the Schwinn bikes, which are beautifully designed, sturdy, durable, and offer outstanding performance.

The company founded by German-born mechanical engineer Ignaz Schwinn started in Chicago, at a time when there was a bike craze in America. So the first years of business were terrific.

Decades later, however, Schwinn, which managed to make it to the list of top bike manufacturers in the world, faced bankruptcy. This forced the company in 2001 to be sold off to Pacific Cycle, the leading bike selling company in North America. Schwinn is now headquartered in Vancouver, Washington, USA. 

You can buy any bike model from Schwinn, including mountain bikes, e-bikes, road bikes, and kids bikes. How much you pay for your bicycle will depend on which line of bikes you choose. The bike company has two main bicycle lines.

The discounted bikes are affordable and sold online, or at retail stores such as Walmart, Kmart, and Sears in the U.S. The Schwinn Signature Series comprises high-end models which cost thousands of dollars more than the discounted bikes. High-end models are sold through specialty shops and compete with other top brands like Diamondback and Specialized.

Schwinn bikes are best suited for you if you're a casual rider looking for a good bike you can use to cycle to work or for recreation purposes.

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