Surly Bike Reviews

Surly Bike Reviews




Bloomington, Minnesota

Surly is a US bicycle company based in Bloomington, Minnesota. It is one of the bike brands owned by Quality Bicycle Products (QBP). QBP is one of the largest bike parts distributors in the world, and its other bike brands include Salsa and All-City.

Since its inception in 1998, Surly has been manufacturing some of the best steel bikes on the market. These bikes made from 4130 chromoly steel are sturdy, well designed, versatile, and affordable.

Popular Surly bike models include Karate Monkey, Long Haul Trucker, Straggler, ECR, Cross-Checker, and Ogre. The bike company also produces bicycle parts such as tires, cranks, fat bike rims, handlebars, and dingle cogs. Most of these components manufactured in Taiwan are also made from steel, which makes them durable and tough.

The guys behind Surly describe themselves as bike nerds who are motivated to build bicycles that you would be eager to ride. Due to their passion for creating high-quality and comfortable bikes, Surly has, over the years, built a large and loyal riders fan base. These riders enjoy using the different Surly bike models for their daily commute, exercising, or off-roading adventures.

But if you're looking for a quality, reasonably priced, and durable bike that can take whatever you throw at it on the trails, chances are, Surly has something just for you. Check out our expert Surly bike reviews, below!