Swagtron Bike Reviews

Swagtron Bike Reviews




South Bend, Indiana

If you want to purchase an e-bike, then you should begin by looking at the ones available from Swagtron. Swagtron is a company based in South Bend, Indiana, that regards itself as the "#1 brand of electric rideables."

They manufacture hoverboards, e-bikes,e-skateboards, and scooters. Swagtron's range of e-bike models includes cruiser e-bikes, pedal-assisted bikes, commuter e-bikes, and folding e-bikes. 

These bikes are comfortable to ride and pretty affordable, probably the reason why Swagtron is a top seller on Amazon. Some of the e-bike specs are foldability for easy storage, speeds of up to 15+ MPH, and close to 15 miles without recharging.

In 2019, the company unveiled its first electric city bike. The Swagtron EB12 is non-folding and looks like a regular bike. Swagtron, which was formerly known as Swagway, says this bike was created to meet the consumers' growing demand for a wide range of electric bike models.

To gain an advantage over competitors, Swagtron designs its products, manufactures them, and handles marketing, sales, and distribution.

Read our expert Swagtron e-bike reviews below to help you make an informed decision on which e-bike to get for yourself!