Tommaso Bike Reviews

Tommaso Bike Reviews




Denver, Colorado

One thing you'll immediately notice about Tommaso bikes is that they are stylish and pleasing to look at. Tommaso attributes the elegant look of their bikes to the fact that they are designed in Italy, a country known the world over as the leading trendsetter in design.

The premium bike company, however, does not manufacture the bikes in Italy. They are built at their factory in U.S. Denver, Colorado, which has been their home since 1985. Once the bikes are made, Tommaso sells them directly to customers online through their website or at their bike shop in Colorado.

Tommasso says selling directly to the customers helps riders avoid paying extra for their bikes because of middlemen who may charge a lot more than is necessary for their bicycles.

To get more people buying from them, Tommasso offers customers 7-14 days risk-free test rides, ready to ride bike delivery, lifetime frame warranty, and exceptional customer service.

While the bicycle company began by making road bikes, today you can buy triathlon, fixed gear, mountain, cyclocross, and other bike models from them. The materials used to make these bikes include steel, carbon, aluminum, and titanium.

So whatever bike model you are looking to buy, Tommaso has got you covered. Check out our Tommaso bike reviews to know more about this popular bicycle below!