Cold Weather Cycling Gear Guide

Written by:

Liam E

Last updated:

January 24, 2022

Winter Cycling Gear Guide

How to find motivation for cycling when it's cold outside? Being fit is amazing but colder days may ruin your fitness goals. 

Heading outside in the winter season takes a lot of motivation. Besides that, you need to keep yourself warm and cozy otherwise you'll end up being sick. 

Having the perfect cycling gear in winter will protect you from heavy winds and keep you motivated for cycling. You need to be very critical about your cycling gear as you don't want to end up being wet and cold during cycling. We went the extra mile to help you find reasonable and functional pieces to make your cold-weather cycling gear perfect and complete.

Why is it Important? Benefits of Cycling In Winter:

The Winter season can be cozy and comfortable under the blanket lying on your bed. But you also can use it to keep motivated and fit throughout the season. Winter cycling is something that is not a task for a lot of lazy people. But those who go for it, enjoy maximum benefits. Such as:

  • You'll feel stronger and motivated with outdoor cycling in the chilly season. It's like a challenge as it takes a lot of courage and effort. 
  • You'll be saving a lot of money on gas as the bicycle doesn't require any gas filling.
  • What is better than achieving your fitness goals even in winter? Nothing! Cycling allows you to burn a big amount of calories while paddling the cycle. 
  • You'll notice the positivity in your mood and thinking. Being able to think positively is such a blessing that can be adopted by cycling. 

Complete Winter Cycling Gear You Need To Have:

In Hurry? Take A Look at Our Recommendations:

Zerdocean Winter Windproof Fleece Full Face Mask Check Price on Amazon ➜
Hikenture Skull Cap Helmet Liner With Glasses Holes Check Price on Amazon ➜
Przewalski Cycling Winter Thermal Running Jacket Check Price on Amazon ➜
Hikenture Winter Cycling Gloves For Men and Women Check Price on Amazon ➜
Cincred USB Rechargeable Front and Back Bike Light Check Price on Amazon ➜
CXWXC Cycling Shoe Cover Thermal Warm For Winters Check Price on Amazon ➜

Best Windproof Mask

Zerdocean Winter Windproof Fleece Full Face Mask

Detailed Review:

A windproof face mask is a crucial item of your winter cycling gear so you have to get it right. Zerdocean Windproof Face Mask will be your guy as its windproof and warm material will keep you cozy and block all the heavy breeze. Thanks to its multifunctional design, you can use it in various ways. You can make it a full mask covering your head and face, a neck gaiter, half ski mask, and only a face mask. This winter mask is suitable for many sports except cycling such as skiing, snowboarding, riding, motorcycling, hunting, and much more. 

The soft fleece lining of this multi-purpose mask provides warmth throughout your ride. The brand did an amazing job while making this uniquely designed breathable mask that'll be a great barrier layer to block all the winds. The stretchable fabric of the mask allows a perfect fit for both men and women. 

Excellent visibility

Doesn't absurd water

Easy to wash

Fog up glasses 

Best Winter Cap Helmet Liner

Hikenture Skull Cap Helmet Liner With Glasses Holes

Detailed Review:

Do glasses keep coming out through your cycling helmet? Not anymore. The Hikenture helmet liner offers accurate glass holes that fit your glasses perfectly. The full-coverage design of the liner will block all the winds and retain heat perfectly. You shouldn't think twice about adding this cozy helmet liner to your winter cycling gear. 

This helmet liner provides more promising features than its cost. Such as water-repellent, moisture-wicking and windproof. Isn't it amazing? You can enjoy your different sports with this winter helmet liner. You don't have to worry about whether it fits you or not, the extra stretchy fabric can cover maximum head sizes. You can keep it in your pocket as the folding design comes in handy. Glass holes at both sides with reflective signs are one of the biggest perks you'll get. The non-bulky helmet liner is just the right fit for your cold-weather cycling gear. 

Comfortable to wear under a cycling helmet

Easy folding compact design

Waterproof and windproof

Quite big for small head

Best Thermal Winter Jacket

Przewalski Cycling Winter Thermal Running Jacke

Detailed Review:

If you love cycling, you are going to need a perfect-sized warm jacket to keep winds outside. The Przewalski Cycling Thermal Jacket will fulfill all your winter cycling needs.  The fleece internal material of the jacket keeps your body heat retained. Zipper closure, high-cut collar, and elastic cuffs are features that keep the chilly winds out while giving a perfect fit to everyone. 

You can wear the jacket for light rain as the material is water-repellent. You'll be safe and visible in the dark, all credit goes to the reflective logo and back stripe. You need to be careful with selecting the size of the jacket. If you wear a thick jacket inside, make sure to select one size up as winter jackets are a little tighter than normal ones. This jacket would be a great investment to make your winter cycling gear perfect. 

Perfect fit.

Keep you warm

Zipper closure with soft fleece interior

Forearm gets sweaty which is a bit annoying

Best Winter Cycling gloves

Hikenture Winter Cycling Gloves For Men and Women


Detailed Review:

Your winter cycling gear or kit and our list are incomplete without cycling gloves. So here they are. Hinkenture Winter Cycling Gloves come with a zipper closure so that you can easily adjust it according to your hand. You can also select the right size for yourself as it offers sizes from small to XX-large. Soft and cozy fleece fabric inside the gloves keeps your hand warm. The easy grip to handlebar is possible due to the 4mm anti-slip silica gel on the palm. 

Another heart-winning feature this pair of gloves has is you don't have to take your gloves off for answering phone calls in cold weather. The thumb and index finger are equipped with conductive fabric that allows easy swipe and tap. The gloves don't hurt your hands as they have a 4mm anti-slip padded palm. 

Easy to answer phone calls.

Soft inside material

Precise and perfect padding

Select your size carefully

Best Rechargeable Cycling Front Light

Cincred USB Rechargeable Front and Back Bike Light

Detailed Review:

A functional headlight is not only great for night rides but also for foggy and rainy days. The Cincred Front and back bike light would be the best choice for cycling. You can easily recharge through a USB attachment with a laptop or computer. You'll get two lights, one for the front and one for the back. These headlights will keep you noticeable in the traffic. These lights have multiple uses such as emergency lights at home, helmet lights, scooter lights, and wheelchairs as well. 

The durable and long-lasting cycle lights won't get ruined by rain as the material is waterproof. You won't be needing any tools to install it because of its two-second installment process.  


Easy to install


5x extra batteries

The attachment strap can be a bit flimsy

Best Quality Cycling Shoe Cover

CXWXC Cycling Shoe Cover Thermal Warm For Winters

Detailed Review:

Nobody loves shoes drenched in rain that causes the disgusting smell. You can easily escape from such situations with durable waterproof shoe covers. A shoe cover is the main and important item of your winter cycling gear, you should consider adding it to your cycling kit. The CXWXC Cycling Shoe Cover offers durable outer and inner material. The outer material is made of neoprene and nylon which makes the shoe cover waterproof. While the inner surface has microfleece polyester which makes sure to keep your shoe dry and protected from getting wet. 

The shoe cover offers a secure fit with the help of a 37mm wide durable rubber velcro strap. The shoe cover has a superb quality lockable zipper with an inner storm flap for less water ingress. 

Neoprene is resistant to tearing.

Easy to use

100% Windproof

Should be more flexible

Tips To Do Cycling In Cold Weather:

Following winter cycling tips will make your cycling experience much easier and less challenging. 

  • Go for balance covering. Don't leave your hands and neck open otherwise, the bad heat will keep leaking out and you'll get extra cold. Cover yourself properly.
  • A good warm shower after a winter cycling session would be relaxing and has an anti-inflammatory effect on your body. The instant shower will provide relief to your joint aches and pains. 
  • You can arrange group cycling activities with your friends and family to get that motivation. 

We hope that we provided good tips and value to your knowledge through our list of cold-weather cycling gear.