Hiboy S2R Electric Scooter

Last Updated:

August 11, 2022

The Hiboy S2R is an affordable electric scooter with top performance due to its valuable features such as customizable speeds, regenerative braking, mobile app support, and triple lighting.

Improved customization and control using a mobile app

Higher water resistance rating of IP54

Featured with a detachable battery allows using an extra battery to double the mileage.

Durable and puncture-proof solid rubber tires

Easy portability with a straightforward and fast-folding mechanism

The issue with riding quality due to lack of suspension


Hiboy S2R Electric Scooter is an upgraded edition of its previous one, Hiboy S2. The S2R still boasts a similar predecessor power, folding mechanism, and style. But, the manufacturer found out and resolved the flaws that came with the S2. So, you’ll get some enhanced features with the S2R, including a more excellent range, sturdy rubber tires, and a better comfortable deck. Moreover, it comes with a quick-charging battery, a robust frame, etc. Therefore, you must go through the entire review to get a complete view of the Hiboy S2R.

The Hiboy S2R is the latest version of the S2. The range of this electric scooter looks like it's focused on providing a high-quality scooter at an affordable price for the crowd. Hiboy frequently produces variants with huge specifications and different price tags. Indeed, the S2secured the second-best electric scooter in terms of performance. It’s just behind one scooter of this manufacturer that’s the S2 Pro.

Who is this scooter perfect for?

The S2R gives something more than just valuable features and functions for beginners to use. It allows you to use a leisurely ride on the weekend and as a commuter to work. Apart from offering 19 miles/hour of top speed, it manages a tremendous 17-mile range with a 200lbsweight load. As a result, the scooter best suits teenagers and adults. Overall, if you need a modern and innovative electric scooter to cruise around your city, going with the Hiboy S2R will be the right decision.

Hiboy S2R Electric Scooter

Performance Overview

The performance of an electric scooter is always the crucial factor that riders consider when purchasing it. While looking at this Hiboy S2R, you’ll tell that it’s a mini-vehicle made to perform. It has the right combination of a 350W brushless motor and a 36V7.5Ah battery. They allow its rider to get a mileage range of 17 miles with up to 19 miles/hour speed. However, that’s not all about its best part. It has a retractable battery, which allows you to bring an additional battery. It’ll help you to extend a different range of 17 miles. Secondly, the S2R has a solid and sturdy aluminum alloy frame. It rightly fixes all essential accessories that make it as stable as comfortable to ride. Also, we need to mention that the scooter comes with a pretty standard deck size. So, you’ll get a lot of foot space that will allow you to get better adjustments while going through town. Besides, the scooter is equipped with a brighter headlight that illuminates to show the path in the dark. It has a red taillight that signals other scooter riders when you slow down. Since it has a dual braking system, the scooter is safe enough to ride. In particular, it’s handy for smooth, comfortable, and gradual stopping with its rear braking system. Finally, it has rubber padded handlebars with an ergonomic design that ensures you latched your hands firmly when riding around town. Moreover, you can tab on its mode, battery level, and speed because of its LED display.

Top Speed Plus Acceleration

You already know that the Hiboy S2R offers 19 miles/hour of its maximum speed with a 350Wpowerful brushless motor and a lithium-ion battery of 36V7.5Ah. Although some users may not get it faster enough, the speed goes more than what’s suitable in most metropolises. The great thing about this scooter is its smoother acceleration while hitting the throttle. The option of cruise control allows you to ride and relax at a regular speed. Apart from being an excellent city commuter, it comes with impressive hill-climbing power. With a gradient up to 15%, its motor power enables you to tackle terrains efficiently. It makes the S2R a perfect commuter for all levels of riders, including beginners, teenagers, and adults.

Build Quality And Durability

For daily use, the scooter's frame manages to grasp up well. Without skirting around, the commuter is sturdy and robust. But, it comes with a lower-lying deck that’s good for exposing the scooter’s underside to brutal hits. As the deck holds the battery, you should ride it with care to avoid any possible damage. The supportive build quality has a rating of the IP54 in terms of water resistance and adds extra durability keeping your scooter safe from light rains.

Weight And Load

Coming at just 30lbs, this S2R is the lightest scooter you can buy. Indeed, it secures a position in the scooters with 25% lightest among 100+ scooters. The capacity of load it can bear is 200lbs, that’s not so bad. But, it’s not significant enough if you compare it with the S2, which bears up to 260lbs. So, if you’re200lbs or less in weight, you should get the most performance from the S2R.

Controls And Display

The scooter indeed has no shock absorbers. Therefore, it becomes tricky to control the S2R. But, it’s built with controls for well-laid out. It provides solid handlebars with a rubber gripped texture that gives more traction for beginners. The handlebars hold the brakes where the right one has the rear disk brake, and the left one has the electronic brake. The LED display at the T-bars center helps you keep abreast with its speed, cruise control, ride more, battery level, and some other essential settings.

Battery Life And Range

The advanced battery technology highlights the innovation of the S2R electric scooter. And it’s not just for the more power than its previous model; the latest technology has been used to update and reimagine this scooter. Again, the scooter runs on a lithium-ion battery of 36V and 7.5Ah that goes up to a range of 17 miles. Thanks to its removable battery, you can get one more battery as an extra to double the mileage.

Braking System

The braking system is one of the vital components of electric scooters. In this case, the manufacturer gave more profound attention to this point with their S2R model. Its dual braking system comprises a set of rear disc brakes and an electronic generated braking systemin front. Both brakes are incredibly responsive and halt the scooter within seconds after applying them.


As you know, the S2R of Hiboy is the right partner for commuting the town. Because it comes with a3-step folding mechanism, it makes the scooter effortless when you need to carry it around. It would help if you loosened its lever to erect the stem vertically. Then, the stem needs to be collapsed along with resting the handlebars on its rear wheel that will help it to latch on its rear fender. You can carry the scooter with a single arm when you hook them right away. Also, you can put it on your car’s boot.

Safety Plus Usability

Fortunately, the S2R includes triple lighting with ultra-bright headlights that help riders see and stay safe in the dark. But, we always insist scooter riders wear the proper safety gear when they’re riding on the road. The safety gear includes clothing with higher visibility, gloves, a helmet, etc. It's integrated with a programmable top speed; the S2R riders can customize it by different speed limits in specific regions. The dual braking system is relatively responsive, providing riders with good stopping power. Thus, you can stop the scooter suddenly when you need.

Comparison with Alternatives

Hiboy S2R TurboAnt X7 Pro Segway Ninebot Max INOKIM Light 2 Super
Motor & Power 350W 350W 350W 350W
Speed 19mph 20mph 18.6mph 21mph
Range 17 miles 30 miles 40.4 miles 15-25 miles
Weight 30.8lbs 33lbs 41.2lbs 30lbs
Dimension (45.7x16.9x45.3) inches (42.6x16.5x46.7) inches (45.9x18.6x47.4) inches (42.5x41.3x18.1) inches
Price Amazon TurboAnt Amazon Inokim


The manufacturer of the Hiboy S2R delivers a perfect electric scooter suitable for teenagers and adults. The unit is fast enough, powerful, and lightweight to suites most types of users .It comes with all the helpful safety features for smooth riding on the road. All these lovely features come in at a reasonable price. So, it’ll be nothing wrong if you invest in this electric scooter. It’s the right time to get the incredible returns of investment replacing your outdated way of transport.



350W, Brushless hub motor


36V 7.5 AH Lithium-ion battery

Charge Time:

6 hours

Mileage in SingleCharge:

17 miles (27.3 km) (It’s changeable depending on terrain condition and weight of riders)

Max Speed:

19 mph/h (30.5 km/h)

Climbing Range:


Braking System:

Disc and electronic regenerative braking


Front + tail lighting

Max Load:

90.7 kg (200 lb)

Scooter Weight:

13.9 kg (30.8 lb)

Unfolded Size (LxWxH):

(116x42.9x115) cm

Folded Size (LxWxH):

(116x42.9x52) cm

Water Resistance:


The Hiboy S2R is an affordable electric scooter with top performance due to its valuable features such as customizable speeds, regenerative braking, mobile app support, and triple lighting.